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Phenomenal Aire Service in Boiling Springs, South Carolina

Phenomenal Aire

Phenomenal Aire™ Cold Plasma Generator technology is designed for installation and use within a home’s Heating Ventilation and Air Conditions (HVAC) system. Phenomenal Aire™ produces an electric field filled with highly charged ions. The ions act as a natural scrubbing agent for the air pass through the field. The scrubbing process (ionization) breaks down the harmful organisms info the molecular components and safely kill viruses, pathogens and bacteria by robbing them of the hydrogen atoms they need to survive. The ions created by Phenomenal Aire™ can travel from the HVAC system into the living space where they continue to safely eliminate the viruses and pathogens in the air as well as on high touch surfaces like countertop, table and doorknobs.

Phenomenal Air filtering
Installing Phenomenal Air
Phenomenal Air Generator

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