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About Our Trusted HVAC Professionals

Our expert HVAC professionals at Priority Heating and Air, LLC, provide complete services for air conditioning and heating systems, including installation, maintenance and repair.

Our owner, Kendall Smith, has worked in the HVAC industry for over 27 years, serving both residential and commercial clients throughout the Boiling Springs area to give them the best possible results.

  • Billy Burgess

    Billy Burgess

    Service Technician

  • Tim Holloway

    Tim Holloway

    Service Technician

  • Tracey Smith

    Tracey Smith

    Office Manager

  • Beau Fisher

    Beau Fisher


  • Walter M Oates

    Walter M Oates


  • Jesse Burgess

    Jesse Burgess


  • Christopher Owens

    Christopher Owens


    Approved Contractor With

    • Broad River Electric

    • Duke Power

    • Piedmont Natural Gas

    A Personal Note from the Owner

    Priority Heating & Air, LLC, was established in January 2005. I would personally like to thank everyone who visits our website and that has interest in our services and company.

    I myself have worked in the heating and air business for 27-plus years, servicing Spartanburg and the surrounding areas. As a business owner, I strive to give all my customers a satisfaction guarantee, quality service and honesty. I know from personal and past experience that, if the customer is not happy, no one is happy. We are a very honest company and we make customers our #1 priority.

    Kendall Smith

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    Our HVAC professionals are available for emergency service 24/7. Call us immediately for assistance in an emergency.

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